Hey Arenanet,
Let me spell it out...
Go Fuck Your Grandmother
Here I'm going to try and GRIND A Million karma.
Yes one million.
For you..
For your game...
Those that don't know let me explain.
That is only one requirement for a legendary!
But even at the rate of 9-10, 000 an hour Arenanet declares nay the bots will ruin that economy.

Thus the human must suffer!!! So now after 40 minutes I'm reduced to almost nothing.
So this 10, 000 per hour is now 7500 max for several hours.
Yes this is over 100 hours of grinding Karma. Oh but that is only one slice of the pie.
Well then as you want me to quit I will.
Fuck you arenanet
Fuck you.
A game that had me so excited.
A game that I waited years for.
What an utter disappointment.
At launch it wasn't like this.
It only got worse and worse.
The trend into shit.
I'm done.


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