So hey there RNG
Don't run away from me
I just want to rub your shiny bald head
Hold your rabbits foot
Or a clover instead
Just a pinch or two for me if you please
Just a sprinkle of luck and I know I can win
So please RNG
Don't shy away from me.


Crippled mind succumbed by blindness
Sour days now stay
Shelve all hope of new found kindness
Sing the day away
Wish for words
Dreams 'til dawn
A moment to remain
Fleeting memory runs to find
The soul encased in time


So desperately I cling to you
I simply don't know what to do
Now I change my ways again
Left unspoken end to end
Empty actions bring nothing true
Countless days bread through and through
Step be lightly step be fast
Nothing sticks, all hope collapsed


To all that there shall ever be of myself I deceive thee
The fruit of what has made my wealth becomes spoiled as left out milk
Curdled ripe my mind becomes, vexing state of conundrum
Cast aside responsibility, drowning now in what is free
Sadness overwhelms my soul, how I still care for what's now more


Pleased with what must never be
A day possesses infamy
For one no greater than the rest
Came to be the very best
How flitting is this still
Turned upon by sheer will
Lost into the ages now
Gone you are now take a bow.


To thy own self be true.
Well then what can I do


Can not be resolved
Nothing to try just give up
Life is worthless now

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Hi folks, I'm a software development manager. I've worked with computers most of my life. I write a poem a day about whatever strikes my fancy. I hope they make you smile.