What is all the dreams to mind
Clutching to the daily rind
Off the pace off remain
Off of all what life can tame
Flight into underneath abyss
Glide me down your warm embrace
I no longer can be seen
Reality just out of frame


Twisted Cycle hidden shame
None the less you play the game
Run around and wish for more
Get off your ass you lazy where
Wish and wish it would be done
Time to learn to shoot that gun
Done and done it must be
Just push into what you must be.


Constantly I must be the very best that you can see
Yet somehow I find that I must strive harder than the next guy
But effort does as force of will
For I am better and better still
Until I've become the very best
Ahead of all levels surpassed the rest
And then what shall I do
But try even harder and follow through


Twitch a move
Badass just don't give a fuck
Gamer tag screams your a boss
Always learn from any loss
Now what have learned today
Skills to battle through the fray
Come tomorrow start a new
Always someone challenging you


Deflated motive
Heavy set crown floated down
Repeated zombie


So worthless now have I become
I no longer want a son
Or a daughter or anyone
So worthless now have I become
Sullied by my retrospect
Even I think I'm a sullied speck
No motivation no desire
Left for being a flaming pire
Burning into flaking ash
I suck and can't break out this grasp


Flavor flavor text away
Brighten up what there's to say
Written word or spoken poem
Added moment what's unshown
Flit a phrase a turn of pun
The text is once more
Sweet and yum

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Hi folks, I'm a software development manager. I've worked with computers most of my life. I write a poem a day about whatever strikes my fancy. I hope they make you smile.