Jump into the endless sea
Journey to thy depths
Fly away your soul is free
Clutching no regrets
You've done your duty
You've come back home
You've found a way to be
Lightly hearted laughing loudly
Come run away with me


I laughed today and just because I felt the giggles of true love
Warm across the body flow, shimmer from that inner glow
I can't hide this hinting grin, pouring out from deep within
Today I know the world is mine, for you have made me feel divine


Stifled mind I find
Cycled to escape what's true
How do I break through


Leaves of green I see
Expanse of sky take on thee
View life's full power


Fill my silence full of lead
Bullets shot straight through my head
Opened wide my minds closed door
Let me for once these thoughts explore
I struggle so with no release
I struggle so I cannot breathe
Anger hatred rage induced
Why is this my minds recluse
Push yourself to true resolve
Work for what you want to solve
Yet nothing changes in this game
You lost before you even played


Late to bed
Early to rise
Makes me a man look dead in the eyes
Rise tomorrow and power through
Then sleep will soon engulf you


Fight a force you can not see
A willing being that is thee
Never will they will be won
A struggle past the setting sun
Triggered by the smallest phrase
Triggered remorse right away
Yet down the path you go again
Relapse into days of sin
Against none other than they self
Given into shredding wealth
A battle long but over due
Loser you are through and through

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Hi folks, I'm a software development manager. I've worked with computers most of my life. I write a poem a day about whatever strikes my fancy. I hope they make you smile.