My slice of pizza fell off the floor
So I pick it up
Do I care
Does it matter
Life doesn't matter
So now it's in my belly
I'm fat
Fuck it
I give up.


Keep it up or face defeat
The choice is yours if to be beat
I know it's hard I know it's rough
But my friend I know your tough
Pull thy self through entrenched mud
Ready your state and mind to one
Another split to choose your way
Always until your dying day


Dropped into your lap
News you can't form a response


Crafted for the phrase today
Words shouted out aloud
Come and listen here I say
You should all be equally proud

A voice to speak
A voice of change
But in the end
Your all the same

Speaking for the voters vote
Speaking for the polling mass
Deeds are nothing but the past
Twisted by a context slashed

So who to pick
Who to choose
Well anyone but Trump
You fools!


Why bother
Why not
It's all in fun
Who cares
Who wins
Now it's dumb
This way or that
It's all in vain
A win or a loss
For me it's the same


Whisper softly tickles of light
Streaming beaming cutting night
Breaking back the shrouded form
Healing life glows soft and warm
Comfort me, lift me up high
Soaring eagle owns the sky


Random phrasing for today
Crushing weight burns away
Singe my soul forever more
Crystal my eyes 'til their sore
Random thought turns sour milk
Torn my head by threads of silk
Let night fall and die away
Endless torment end thy stay

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Hi folks, I'm a software development manager. I've worked with computers most of my life. I write a poem a day about whatever strikes my fancy. I hope they make you smile.