The bunny hunt, an egg appears
I can wipe away my tears
Four years old and filled with strife
But now all is well within my life
I've found an egg, my victory is sure
Wait someone found two? My vision blurs
Tears again stream down my face
Frantic I search like I'm running a race
Behold another, and another still
Eggs of color, my basket does fill
Time is called, the counting done
I've won the hunt, I've won, I've WON!
I've kicked all my foes right in the keister
And to all of you I wish a Happy Easter


Silent succulent silly mind
Running drops floating blind
Quill in hand print undefined
Debutant ball undancing we fall
Lost spatially gaps rewind


And so it goes for yet to be
That all there is for us to see
Is but a figment of our mind
Warping space through referenced time
Stuck inside a universe
Collapsed into a state, what's worse
Shall I still try to find a way
Beyond the border where I stay
Pushed to edge, decided so
Forever I shall never know
Horizon limit stretched by time
In thy self the truth will find.


Here's a story sad but true
Everyday I think of you
What I could have done or changed
Anyway the pieces could rearrange
Broken empty meaningless
False presented lifefullness
Want to end the misery
Then simply sing alone with me
Stab a knife into your eye
Jump off a building ten stories high
Slit your wrist inside your tub
Slash your throat, gross too much blood
OK let's try a different refrain
Like a needle in your vein
Or lots and lots of sleeping pills
Fall asleep til you're rigid steel
So why is it I don't take the plunge
Tie a noose, that won't come undone
Cause everyday I think of you
Of others who'd be saddened too
At least for a year or two
So meaningless continues today
For others peace of mind I stay


Somehow reverse allotted time
Backward undo my own mind
Collapse construction framed again
Into the void my life begins
When in the space of matter dark
Welcome to the physics park


Supper super soon
Drowning dreary dreams in June
Melted butter crumb


Paradox has come to be exposed
A choice unknown, internally hosed
Tail side flipped of a two headed coin
Backwards in time reversed that in twined
Can now there be a moment we see
Hope as an option arises with glee
Only from such a perilous edge
Motion forward drive like a wedge

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Hi folks, I'm a software development manager. I've worked with computers most of my life. I write a poem a day about whatever strikes my fancy. I hope they make you smile.