Two souls come together to exchange nouns and verbs.
A master and student interact with their words.
The meeting of mentor and a mind manifests.
The padawans fumbling message expressed.
His intelligence is not lost as the teacher explains;
"Your confidence is lacking!" the preceptor exclaims.

Focus, take action, and go forth with this
Outline the thought and you'll no longer remiss
Prepare the to do's and the do's you do too,
The can not's and will not's a list for review.
Lead forth with conviction, drive on the team.
Resolve members issues and yourself you'll redeem.

The advice taken in and processed to heart,
And out comes a poem you read from the start.


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Hi folks, I'm a software development manager. I've worked with computers most of my life. I write a poem a day about whatever strikes my fancy. I hope they make you smile.